The exodus has been a part of various civilizations across the globe. In the modern times also one can see the same but the style and form of the same have been changed. In this age now one has to complete the formalities of getting visa or resident permit for another country sitting in his own country only. There are certain procedures that one needs to follow, and in definite period one can get the approval to his application of work visa or holiday visa as the case may be.

Canada is a trending destination for students, businessmen and workers as the fourth largest first world country (on the land area basis) provides a perfect environment for a better lifestyle and earning. The government prefers every individual to enter Canada legally, and there are various programs under which one can apply for a working Visa in Canada. The following article will illuminate how you can apply for a work permit Visa in Canada.

The Programs

Working Holiday Visa Canada for Australians can be collected if the applicant falls under some specific categories or programs. The programs under which a person can enter Canada are as follows:

  • Temporary Workers Program: This program allows a student or a worker to stay in Canada for a temporary period of one to two years. Once the work or job is finished, the person has to return to the place he/she came from. (Work Permit, Student Permit, Working Holiday.)
  • Permanent Workers Program: This visa is for the individuals who are moving to Canada because of their skill and nonpareil work experience and you have a job offer from any Canadian employer. The skilled traders who have been carrying out their business for years are also allowed to get a visa but not for startups. ( Federal Skilled workers, trade skilled workers)
  • Quebec Selected Skilled Workers: Canada always welcomes new investors or well-known entrepreneurs who want to invest in their country. (Investors, entrepreneurs, self-employed or startup program)
  • Caregiver program: Canada has a growing need for medical professionals and doctors in the country. If you have the qualification and a job offer letter from any of the caregiving authorities in Canada, then you can apply for this Visa program. (Caring for Children pathway, live in caregivers, caring for people with high medical needs pathway.)

How to Apply?

You need to check your case first and see which category it will fall in and then applyfor the working Visa. Every program has their individual criteria like age limit, work experience, education, and languageproficiency, etc. You have to pay a certain amount for the selection certificate, primary applicant fee, and the permanent residency fee if applied for.  After submission of necessary documents, the authority will check and assess it and would accordingly contact for approval or disapproval.Working Visa Canada for Australian Citizens is not very different from the application process of other citizens in the world. But one must consult the Canadian embassy in Australia for a better idea.