Condensation is caused due to washing/drying of clothes, cooking, heating and other such activities that involve production of vapor.  Condensation can affect the period properties and the new buildings too. It can be managed by following the below mentioned steps.

Control on humidity – Humidity must be controlled in effective manners by having extractor fans in the bathrooms and kitchens. Doors of these rooms should be closed and the extractor fans should be kept on to get rid of condensation. Use of Positive Pressure System and Humidistat Fans is much useful in this regard.

Ventilation – Proper ventilation is a must to deal with this problem. Trickle vents may be good. Heat-recovery ventilation work wonders by removing the damp stale air and filling the rooms with fresh air through separate grill system. Heat exchanger warms this air that is good. Central extract systems also provide excellent results by connecting all the wet areas to central fan prior to flushing out moist air. The internal moisture-laden air is swept away with proper ventilation.

Insulation – Internal walls can be kept at a certain temperature that is above the dew point of inside air. Likewise cold surfaces should also be insulated to say NO to condensation.

Heating: Low-level background heat is also the best method for condensation treatment. It will enable mild warming to the wall surfaces that are got rid of condensation over a period of time. Risk of this problem gets reduced to great extent with heating.

Many people are in the habit of drying their clothes indoors. This aggravates the problem to great extent. One should get his or her clothes dried up outside that are a good solution for this problem.

Paraffin heaters should also be avoided.

Prevent water penetration – Leakages often result in penetration of water into the buildings that is responsible for condensation. All such points should be checked and leakages if any should be got repaired. It will also help you to get rid of condensation.

Use dehumidifiers – Making use of these tools also helps to stay away from condensation to great extent.

Using anti-mould paint: Certain companies facilitate this paint that is helpful to say NO to condensation that is responsible for mould. The buildings get damaged due to this problem that should be checked in the earlier stages to avoid complications.

Cleanliness – Total cleanliness of the entire building is a must to for effecting condensation treatment in effective manners. Cold walls, floors and windows are the possible places where this problem can affect in adverse manners. Sub-floor areas and roof spaces are also no exception to this harmful aspect. It can result in dry rot or wet rot in floor timbers. So frequent checks and cleanliness of all these areas is a must. Ventilating these major areas in perfect manners also helps to remove condensation.

Condensation treatment is a must for all buildings, whether period properties or the new ones that is prone to this hazardous aspect. Above steps provide good results to enjoy condensation-free environment.