Getting more sales means qualifying for a bigger and better loan from If you are interested in making more sales but do not know where to start, there are simple ways that you can begin to rack up more sales, little by little. Here are five ways to start getting more sales via social media and through your website. Consider adding some of these to your website in order to get better sales rates.

  1. Offer a low cost option, then offer extras

If you are not meeting your sales goals and one of the reasons is higher price, take an example from car sales and offer a base price then incentives. For instance, if you sell electronics, you can offer the base electronic product for a slightly less expensive price. Along with the product, you can offer package add-ons. For instance, if you offer refurbished phones, you will need to offer them at a price that is competitive with other sales websites. To increase the price, you can offer certain paid applications or updated software for extra. Many customers will spring for the extra if they think they are getting a good deal.

  1. Provide financing

If at all possible, offer to break up payments. Many people will purchase from HSN and QVC because they can pay a little bit at a time. If you can break up payments, this is one way to make more sales. Paying less will make it easier for people of all budgets to give you financing. You can offer financing by setting up payments through your customer’s bank or credit card through your payment system.

  1. Deeper discounts for buying more

If you offer leveled discounts depending on how much customers spend, they will be more likely to spend a little bit more. For instance, if you offer $5 off of a $25 purchase, $30 off of a $100 purchase and so on, your customer will feel a little better making a bulk purchase at once.

  1. Create a customer loyalty program

If you have a program for loyal customers, you will bring back more customers. Your loyalty program can consist of points that give money off of a purchase or even allow for free items. One of the reasons loyalty points create so many sales is that the customers are already familiar with your service and products and want to stick to a place that rewards them for purchasing.

  1. Create a problem for social media mavens

Social media wizards can also help to gain more and more sales. Offer a program for social media users to share your company and your discount codes in exchange for a percentage of the sales that they create. Make sure you give each social media personality their own discount code so that you know which social media accounts are gaining the most sales. This is an easy way to gain greater sales in a quicker amount of time.

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