Before renting a flat, you need to see the place first. Make sure that you inspect every single detail before agreeing to move in. Landlords are usually keen for you to check the flat. While you are viewing the rooms, here are other things that you need to do.

  1. Ask the landlord questions. You need to ask questions to the landlord first. This is the time when he is willing to answer all your questions and deal with issues that you have raised. You can ask about the contract. You may also ask about the security in the area. The landlord may also answer your questions in regard to payments and insurance. If there are uncertainties, this is the best time for you to consult your landlord.
  2. Check if there are repair issues. You must also find out if there are repair issues that have to be dealt with before moving in. You need to know if you will take care of the cost or the landlord will shoulder it. If you are to pay for the cost of the repairs, you’d better look for other options. Again, any problems must be taken care of even before you decide to move in.
  3. Don’t just look at one room. Usually, there are different rooms in a flat. Some flats have plenty of rooms, but those that are located in busy areas usually have a limited number of rooms available. The prices may also vary depending on the size of the rooms and sometimes the floor on which the flat is located. You need to see all the rooms so you can decide which flat would be perfect for you.
  4. Speak with the other tenants if possible. You may not get honest an assessment if you only speak with your landlord or a housing agent. You should also speak with neighbours or other tenants if possible. They might be more honest in giving their response. Of course, you can’t knock on all doors to ask questions, but you can ask those who are available.

Unless you are satisfied with all the conditions, feel free to search for other options out there. You will be staying in this place for a long time. You need to be satisfied before you close the deal. You should also understand all the terms and conditions.

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