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Different people, different nature. Some people loves to travel from one place to another,such crazy people can be called as “Nature Lover”, and they cannot stay at one place for a long time. For such people, living at a particular place for the rest of life is like death.While some gets so attached to a particular location they make it their permanent address.

For all types of people, we have different residential places-apartments; pg, rent rooms, and so on. But one thing is common among all-all wants to have a good luxurious life with all the facilities.Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, has all what a person wants nearby…all the facilities, industry to work,banks,malls ,best educational colleges and schools for young ones, and so on.

Especially foryouth of now-a-days wants to get all the facilities at as fast pace as possible, it a great opportunity to be in Chennai. They are ready to work hard and at faster rate to get everything. For such passionating persons, Chennai is one of the best options.

Chennai, the biggest industrial centre with most of the real estate companies of South India is also known as “Detroit of India”, because of its automobile industry. Located across Coromandel Coast off the Bay of Bengal, it’s the fourth most populous metropolitan area in India.

Since it’s the industrial area, all prefers to stay nearby to live a luxurious life.

One such place in Oragadam.Located at the edge of Chennai, it’s anindustrial are cum town, known as the South India’s biggest automobile hub.It is just at a distance of 16 miles (25 km) from Kanchipuram, and is almost centre of Grand Southern Trunk Road (NH 45) and NH 4. It’s one of the fastest-growing suburbs and is emerging as a multi-faceted industrial zone.This area is very close by road and railways.

For people who wants to live temporarily or one who cannot afford to have their own house constructed within few days, we have the advantage of Apartments.

As one search for apartment, we have several online websites for it. All types of apartments are available, one can select according to the surroundings, budget, no. of rooms, parking area facilities, etc.

One such beautiful location is Coastal Paradise. Located at 100m from Taj Vivanta, also called Fisherman Cove, the Coastal Paradise is enclave of luxury villas. Being builted on the beautiful backwaters of Buckingham Lake, it adores its beauty.

Other suitable locations for apartments are Omshakthy Santha Towers, Gem Grove in Padur, and PBEL City, Valencia in Navalur.

So, living in Chennai is also easy as anything else, if one has internet.