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There are different types of sacks required to pack different industrial products. Depending on what you want to pack, you will need to make a choice of the sacks manufacturers. Normally, the industrial packing requires the goods to be shipped from one place to another, and keeping this in focus, the most important factor to be considered when opting for a sack manufacturer is to make sure the sacks offered are tough and strong and in no way can it break or leak. By keeping your requirement in mind, you have a choice between the flexible packing and the rigid packing. You will need to look out for the sack manufacturers after you are sure what type of sacks are required.

The two main types of packaging are the flexible and the rigid, as mentioned earlier. We look at some of the factors that will help you decide what type of packaging is apt for the industrial packaging you require.

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging offers flexibility and durability. This works out better than rigid packaging as these tend to be more resilient when you talk about these being damaged by any sort of impact. Flexible packaging can be damaged only if it is pierced while the rigid packaging is prone to strong impact. This type of rigid packaging can also be scratched with ease. This might not cause any harm to the goods inside but then the customers’ are not inclined to accept goods with a damaged packaging. Those who opt for flexible packaging are faced with fewer complaints and return of good. Find the sack manufacturers who can offer you both the options.

sacks Manufacturer victoria

Benefits of Flexible Packaging

Laminated plastics are used for this type of packaging that can strengthen the characteristics. Besides which you are offered many more design options. The inflexibility of rigid packaging includes the versatility lacking. By opting for this option of ‘flexible’, a company is able to make various choices between the sacks, bags, pouches and so on. Flexible packaging can offer flexibility in the manner the goods are sealed. There are multiple options like the hooded sliders, Velcro sliders, face zippers, top sliders, reseal able sliders and a lot more. This can be more effective where the packaging is concerned.

Flexible Packaging for the benefits of Branding

The packaging of your goods is one way of advertising. You can use your packaging to make sure that that potential customer gets the awareness required for your brand of products. Rigid packaging offers restricted areas for branding and there are instances where rigid packaging is not able to allow any printing, in other words, you might need to get labels printed, which involves additional expenditure. In flexible packaging, you can get all the details of your brand printed using the total space.

Environmental Friendly

Flexible packaging can be considered as environmental friendly because this type of energy which is almost 85% less as compared to the manufacture of rigid packaging. Flexible packaging like sacks occupy less of space while transporting which means more can be transported in a single trip. This can help in saving lot of money because just fewer trips are needed. If packaged in sacks or any other type of flexible packaging, the goods require less of shelf space, which works beneficial for the retailer. Flexible packaging requires less fuel and there is less of carbon emission and so it works out friendly to the environment.

All that you need is to find out the right sacks manufacturers who can understand what you require and how to go about this so that you get the right sack packaging of your goods with the brand and other information being printed on this.