Illustration and Animation is available as an independent course option for students majoring in the screen arts. Many universities now offer Illustration and Animation as part of their study abroad programmes. A lot of digital design agencies, such as, are on the lookout for graduates with cross-disciplinary skills in illustration and animation.

Scope for joint disciplinary studies

Since animators and illustrators today work together in multiple contexts in the field of publishing and communication, the two courses are often offered as joint honours. Students thus get to study two mutually informing programmes, picking up a diverse portfolio of skills from both disciplines, working on extensive projects that combine all their interests and opening up vast avenues of possibilities for themselves. Both areas of study are built around the concept of thought and visualization through drawing, and nurture students’ creative development along with inculcating solid digital skills that are of high value in today’s dynamic visual culture.

Programme overview

These courses involve an in-depth study of the visual arts with a focus on reaching out to various categories of audiences. Students enrolling for the programme are taught the value of creativity and thinking outside the box, developing written, oral and visual communication skills that form the core of this field.

The programme enables students to learn and work with latest technology used in contemporary animation and illustration. They are given a chance to study and work in dynamic environments and have high quality resources and support at their disposal. They get to work in the challenging environments of visual arts studios equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and processes like bookmaking, printmaking, 3D, moving image and darkroom.

Students are instructed to communicate ideas and concepts through traditional as well as emerging media. They are enrolled in a collaborative learning environment where they get to study and learn along with other like-minded individuals and benefit from a web of knowledge and ideas.

The programme consists of a very diverse and comprehensive curriculum designed to churn out graduates well-versed in the theoretical and creative concepts of illustration and animation, and demonstrating skills across both disciplines. The courses are taught and supervised by experienced animators and illustrators, renowned industry leaders, academics and practitioners, who pass on their craft to the next generation of impassioned visual artists.

Student assessment and criteria

There is a very strict criteria for evaluation. Students are assessed for their ability to digest, apply and translate theoretical concepts into creative projects, for their understanding and use of visual technology, software, and processes, and for their cohesion and innovation in coursework.

Learning processes

The courses are based on an assorted mix of learning platforms, both theoretical and practical, including classroom lectures, tutorials, presentations, group discussions, group seminars, as well as visits to galleries, museums and animation festivals, for a well-rounded assimilation and understanding of core theories and concepts.

Course outcomes

Illustration and Animation study abroad programmes give students a unique opportunity to synergize and study the two disciplines in tandem, learning and drawing upon a rich assortment of theoretical, creative and technical approaches. The courses are designed in such a way that students can pursue either one of the disciplines in depth or continue exploring the growing range of career options that open up.