OSSA Elevated Work

OSSA have been providing a wide range of standardised trainings in order to prepare workers for different types of work situations. This next training we are about to discuss in this article, the OSSA Elevated Work Platform (EWP) training, is another specialized training designed to tackle a particular work condition. Want to know more about this training? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Who needs OSSA EWP Training?

Anyone who will be working on an elevated platform should definitely get a proper OSSA EWP training. This includes those working in rigs, elevated vehicles, stages and of course other kinds of elevated platforms that are commonly used in rigs and other work environment.

When an OSSA certification is required, this is one of the trainings a worker must complete in order to qualify for the correct certification. The training is part of a more thorough series of trainings that will help employees maintain a safe and comfortable work environment regardless of the situations they are faced with.

What does the training involve?

The OSSA Elevated Work Platform training involves a lot of hands-on training sessions. It is a training that includes in-class and on-site training, creating a nice balance between learning and practice. ISafety in particular conducts their OSSA EWP training at their famous Edmonton or Fort McMurray Training Facility.

As part of the training, workers will learn how to establish a safe working environment in an elevated platform. They will learn about the two main types of elevated platforms: the scissor lift and the boom lift. These two platforms require different safety handlings for maximum effectiveness.

Workers will also learn how to inspect and maintain the elevated platforms they will be using for maximum security. The training will help workers spot possible problems with the elevated platforms before they go on them, reducing the risk of on-the-job accidents by quite a long way.

Aside from best safety practices, workers will also learn more about regulations and legislations regarding the use of elevated platforms. As part of an effort to increase work safety awareness, knowing these regulations will help keep workers protected as well as allows them to maintain a suitable working environment based on the regulations.

Last but certainly not least, workers will also learn how to operate the elevated platforms, how to stay safe during operations and how to utilize personal protection equipment to further increase their security throughout the project. It is both the employer’s and workers’ responsibility to maintain a healthy and safe working environment; the skills workers will acquire throughout the OSSA EWP training will help them take active part in maintaining that very environment.

Getting Started with the Course

The OSSA EWP training can be taken as a one-time class or as part of the OSSA certification series. Either way, workers can really benefit from these courses. The courses are also very affordable and can be financed by either the employer or the workers themselves. At the end of the course, workers will receive a certification that can be used to further their career.