Essay writing is one of the main topics that can fetch you a good grade, be it high school or college. You can get many ideas and resources from wherein you can take the necessary information and examples to pad up your essay to bring more clarity and relevance. Once you know the topic, the quotes on the topic, and information, you can write the best essay. At the same time, there are those who will try to find the essay online and then change a word here and there and then submit it as their own work. Worse still there are some who will unhesitatingly copy an essay they would find online and then pass it as their own. This is known as plagiarism. In today’s time, it is the worst offence.

There are two ways to prevent such a situation; one is to ensure that your essay is plagiarism free and the second; write a good and original essay. Once written, with the availability of an essay checker, one can check for the plagiarism. Here are a few advantages of using online checkers for essay.

Advantages of using checkers for essays

When it comes to academic essays, plagiarism can be a serious accusation and if it is found that these essays are not original, not only will you not get any grade but your reputation too will be dented, something that cannot be replaced. Sometimes, you may copy few phrases inadvertently, and if you submit your essay without checking, then, you may come under some serious flak. That is why, it is best to take the help of checkers for essays first and then submit it.  The online checkers for essays offer various advantages such as:

Access to a large variety of databases: Online checkers have access to a large number of sources through which they can check and compare your essay. They will even have access to those books or magazines or any other sources that may not be readily available online. That means, they are capable of checking each and every resource online to give you an accurate account of whether your essay is original or how much percentage of it is original.

Find the verbatim accounts: The essay checker will present before you, in no time, the exact content that has been found similar to some contents in your essay. You will be able to see the words, phrases or sentences that have been found verbatim as your essay and you will also be able to find which author has written it originally.

The percentage: The online checkers for essays will give you a percentage to denote how much of your essay is similar to any content found online.  Schools and universities check student’s essays of plagiarism either online or by plagiarism software and they set up a limit to percentage of similarity and you will have to maintain a percentage lower than the prescribed limit. The online essays checker will help you maintain the limit.