Valentines day is fast approaching, and the shops seem to be filled with a tide of red roses, teddy bears clutching love hearts and boxes of fancy chocolates. But id you are wanting to get something a little different and much more special for your nearest and dearest this valentine’s day, how about a homemade gift? Homemade gifts always go down well and show that you think a lot of the person you are making the gift for, as it takes much more thought and time than simply buying something from a shop. Here are a few ideas for the perfect homemade valentine’s gifts…

A Photograph and a handmade Photo Frame – If you have a favourite photo that of the two of you, this is a lovely idea. Frame the picture in a handmade photo frame for a truly special gift to treasure. Photo frames are easy to make – this is a good guide to making your own frame, you can always change it slightly or decorate the frame to match the room it will be placed in.

A Cushion Cover – If you have a sewing machine, a cushion cover is a perfect valentines gift. They are easy to make and there is a huge array of fabric to choose form to make it special and personal to the person that you give it to. Cotton poplin fabric from Higgs and Higgs is a great choice for making a cushion cover, for an extra special touch, use applique to put you and your partners initials onto the cushion, or make two cushions with each of your initials on them.

A Scented Candle – Making your own candle is easy, inexpensive and is the perfect gift for valentines! You do not need a lot of equipment, and you can scent the candle or candles with your partners favourite smells. Run them a luxury bath and light the candles for a romantic valentines treat that they won’t forget.

Valentines Cookies – If you are a whizz in the kitchen, make some valentines cookies! Choose flavours that your partner loves and cut them into heart shapes. Or, if you prefer a selection of cupcakes go down well too! Buy or make a pretty presentation box and some ribbon to add the wow factor to your valentines’ gift.

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