With the growing commonness of International jewellery authorisations normally found in shopping malls, as well as nondescript online jewellery shops, it’s far too simple for men today to purchase an engagement ring with very little thought, attempt or care. By easy doing your due thoroughness to notice how custom engagement rings compile against standard pieces, you are already displaying that you do care about giving her something actually special.

Sure, purchasing a ring that way is suited for a man but what will his soon-to-be fiancé believe? She has been fantasizing of receiving the perfect ring from the perfect guy for just about her whole life. Now, let’s take a nearer look at some causes to think about going “custom.”

  • Selecting a custom-made engagement ring displays how devoted you are to her and to the connection you share. When you have a ring custom-made, you are straight away involved in the procedure, conveying your concepts and making sure that the ring will be even more beautiful than the one she’s been dreaming about. This alone states a level of love that your loved one will love beyond words.
  • When you buy a ring from a traditional jewellery store particularly one of the big stores then you’re providing your partner a piece of jewellery that probably thousands of other women already own. The big jewellery manufacturers stir these out in huge quantity and use assertive marketing strategy to sell them around the world. Custom engagement rings, on the other hand, are built completely for you they’re actually one of a kind.
  • Krikawa Custom rings are designed with higher quality and careful attention to particular. When you buy a custom-made ring from a creative designer like us, you can rest rely on that it is created under a microscope by a pro that has specific experience. You will never get this standard of quality from store-bought jewellery, since most of those rings have been swiftly created along assembly lines overseas.
  • A creative ring designer cares about you, your soon-to-be fiancé, and about assisting you pull her off her feet. Thus, a designer treats you with respect and politeness rather than emphasising on a commission. At the big jewellery stores, intelligence salespeople are frequently encouraged only by money or by the load of their bosses who push them to move diamonds as faster as possible. Their job is selling you the most costly jewellery in the store, in spite of what you actually want. This is why so many men are afraid the procedure of purchasing engagement rings!

At Krikawa, we produce magnificent, high-quality engagement rings that are custom-made one at a time for clients around the world. We meet up directly with clients, listening to their wishes and helping them to make their dream ring a reality. No matter what design of ring you’re searching for or even if you’re not sure, we will make sure your custom ring is truly perfect. Design your own ring at Krikawa.