Pool parties are fun, and they provide a welcome relief from the scorching sun. Evening pool parties are equally delightful, and can be made a wonderful event with the natural elements of water and open skies blending in with the cheerfulness. The blog discusses some tips that can be used to make pool parties livelier, more comfortable, and a success for the hosts.

When the sun scorches the living daylights out of people, they retaliate by throwing amazing pool parties.

Pool parties are the ultimate fun activity for summers. But if last year’s party didn’t turn out well for you, don’t worry! Here are some tips and suggestions that you need to include in your plan and guests will not stop raving about how much fun they had.

Drinks: Stock up your home bar, and stock it well. While purchasing the drinks, keep in mind the weather, age of guests, time and duration of the party. Along with alcoholic drinks, have ample non-alcoholic choices, natural beverages like coconut water, and plenty of drinking water – all within easy access. The guests have to stay hydrated too. Remember the golden rule: While throwing a party, it’s better to overflow than run out. So, purchase the amount accordingly.

Snacks: Activities in the water can work up your guests’ appetite quite a bit. And so, snacks are as important as drinks. If possible, keep only those snacks on the menu that are easy to make and if there aren’t enough cooling devices available, are not spoiled in the heat and sun easily.

Seating: Provide seating on and off the pool. While inflatable rafts allow for relaxing on the pool, benches topped with comfortable rugs and cushions, and folding lawn chairs provide seating space outside it. Make sure that there is ample seating space in the shade with the pool in view so that guests who just want to sit back and relax get to do so comfortably.

Lighting: If you are having an evening pool party, jazz it up with bright accordion lights in rows above the bar area, tiki torches at visible corners, and glow lights along the perimeter of the pool. This illuminated space will create an inviting and cheerful environment.

Knick knacks: Stick the straws through pretty paper flowers, arrange paper straw garlands above the party area randomly, imprint bar accessories with stencils of Hawaiian flowers, and have plenty of colorful drink parasols to decorate beverages for guests to fine-tune your Hawaiian or tropical themed pool party to the last details.

Invites:  The invite should be such that it entices the receiver to look forward to the party. Choose cool colors such as blue and green for your invitation cards. Design them on the basis of the party theme.

With all these tips, you must now have a fair idea of how to go about planning for your next pool party. Add some good music and your cheerful vibes to the mix, and you and your guests are sure to have an awesome time!

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