Tamil NRIs settled across the world often feel disconnected from their homeland as they do not have access to the local TV shows and movies abroad. Now they can watch their favorite live Tamil TV channels online and these are some of the top 5 popular Tamil TV shows which are ruling the audiences with their popular storyline and amazing performances:

1) Deivamagal on Sun TV – This Tamil soap opera boasts of a dramatic story and great cast. The show has already completed 1000 episodes and is loved by the audiences. The show revolves around the family of Jaihind Vilas and how his daughter-in-law schemes against the family to get all the wealth.

2) Nandini on Sun TV – This fantasy supernatural drama is the favorite of viewers as it features an Ichchadhaari Nag(Shape-shifting snake) who wants to avenge the death of his family. The show stars Malavika Wales, Nithya Ram, Gayathri Jayaraman, and Khushboo in lead roles and many other actors in supporting roles. There are many interesting plot twists in the serial which give the viewers hooked on to the channel.

3) Vamsam on Sun TV – This hit Tamil TV show is about a girl named Shakthi who is on a mission of uniting her parents with their relatives but tragedy strikes her family and her parents die in a road accident plotted by her evil aunt. The twist in the plot comes when she meets her twin sister who hasbeen posing as Shakthi in the family for the time she was gone. The show has already completed 1000 episodes and stars Sai Kiran, Ramya Krishnan, Seema, Priyanka, and Bharath Kalyan in lead roles.

4) Kuladeivam on Sun TV – This dramatic TV serial is known for its dramatic performances by the lead cast which includes actors Vadivukkarasi, Srithika, and T.S.B.K. Moulee. The title song of the show is loved by viewers The story of the show revolves around a businessman named Arunachalam who is tied between his two families and their lives.

5) Priyamanaval 

Priyamanaval is a family story. Uma and Subhalekha Sudhakar plays the major role in this serial with their four sons and their wives. It portrays certain family issues.

So these are some of the most popular Tamil TV shows which can be watched online by people who do not have access to regular TV channels in their country. NRIs who are settled in abroad can watch Tamil TV live and enjoy the most popular shows from their homeland.