Have you ever wondered which country has the best police force? A lot depends on what you’re judging them by. The job of the police in just about every nation is keep that nation secure, combat crime and ensure the laws of the land are adhered to. Here we look at some of the best police forces in the world in terms of performance, training and security measures in place:

  1. Canada

Canada has not had the same internal problems as some other nations, but they make the list due to their incredible training record. They receive training well above and beyond general training which leaves them equipped to deal effectively with any unpredictable situation. Training includes advanced and specialist programs and in depth practical, on-the-job training too. The Canadian RMP have been providing an exceptional service for over 140 years and they are highly respected around the world.

  1. Germany

Considered as one of the best forces in the world, the German police are some of the most elite trained officers anywhere. The force contains over 40,000 highly trained and skilled officers working in several different departments across 16 states. They have a unique piece of legislation that allows officers to use whatever means to conduct their duties without the need for superior permission. This lack of red tape allows for a high level of citizen protection and a highly efficient organization. Germany has its own Police University where all recruits attend to receive intense study and education before moving on to the practical field training aspects of policing.

  1. United Kingdom

Here in the UK, flexible policing is practised which means we are policed by the consent of the nation. The aim of this is that the citizens receive the policing that they prefer, and the officers are more dedicated to the people they serve. The UK Police also have a unique system of ‘special constables’ who volunteer to do the same job as the regular police and has the aim of preventing superiority amongst officers. The recruitment of officers is high quality and each recruit receives intensive training similar to that of military forces. Each force will have access to the latest technological advances in helping to combat crime. This includes the introduction of the Body Worn Camera. For more information on the law surrounding these cameras, visit https://www.pinnacleresponse.com/

  1. Japan

The Japanese National Police is considered one of the best and are infamous for their discipline and dedication. Police officers in Japan are trained in the same way as the United States military which means a tough, intensive time before hitting the streets. The training that they receive is intense, involving almost every situation or aspect that could be covered in crime prevention and law enforcement. There is a whole department dedicated to monitoring and apprehending the infamous Japanese mafia group, the Yakuza who are part of a tough underworld of organized crime. Japanese traffic police are amongst the most highly skilled in the world due to the extreme traffic experienced in a nation of over 100 million.