The death of this young singer/songwriter of British origin, known by the whole world as Amy Winehouse was one of the most regrettable losses that we have had in a very long time. This is the kind of abuse in both in the consumption of drugs and alcohol and her small body couldn’t take it anymore. Today almost 6 years after her death, some people still  remember her as the girl drug addict, for others it is remembered as Amy Winehouse the great singer, but her tale is one to remember with caution.

The question is why do you still do it you know the excesses of drugs and alcohol you hold in these moments take you to a fatal outcome? Or how would you like to tell people that you know now? Would you like to say your name or that you say “drug addict” when you’re not more? We assure you that you or your family members or friends are going to want that someone mentioned your name and that another person say “ah the drug addict” is also not going to like that people believe a stereotype of you and judge you by the bad decisions you took in the past.

All deaths are tragic, especially when they are deaths caused by the consumption of drugs and alcohol, this is the most sad for what many families around the world have to go and more when there are rehabilitation centers as Morningside Recovery where people can come and seek professional help that only a center like ours can provide, and to save human lives.

We ask all families and close friends to a person who is suffering from this disease, as is the addiction to drugs and alcohol to get in touch with our rehabilitation center, so that we can help with the detoxification program customized for each patient and try to root the disease. Don’t wait for your children, friends or relatives appear on the front page of the newspaper announcing his death by the consumption of drugs, it is time to stop worrying and start to deal with the important things and prioritize.

Do not wait any longer and contact us now through emails and phone numbers here available on our official web site and immediately put hands to the work to help that person you need for rapid intervention.