Varieties of the same herb:

The amazing herb called Kratom was originally found as a wild tree in the deep jungles and rain forests of some of the South Asian Countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Used over centuries as a pain reliever in its natural herbal and leafy form, this herb slowly gained popularity throughout every continent and country and has proven to be a wonderful solution for many problems related to Pain management and control. The favourable climatic conditions in some of the above mentioned countries help this herb to grow efficiently there by providing us with the highly potent product. It comes in various forms and varieties. They are called the different strains of the same herb. They are classified based on the colour of the leaves and veins, the geographical location they come from as well as the amount of alkaloids present in them.

How to choose the best strain?

As described earlier, this wonder herb comes in various strains and hence the choice is left to the individuals to take one that will best suit the purpose. There is no hard and fast rule as for as the selection of one particular strain is concerned. That is to say, your favorite Kratom strainwill be the one that will best suit your need and requirements. By only adopting the method of trial and error, one can keep track of the effects the various strains will have on the body and thereby choosing one that works the best. Purchasing this product does not need any prescription and hence it is legal to purchase or to possess the same.

Why the difference between the strains?

The colour of the leaves in particular the veins vary from strain to strain. It could be red, green or white depending on the variety, the geographical location where it is planted and harvested and the difference in the compound that is present in them called alkaloids that give potency to this herb as well as its medicinal values. Leaves of good grade produce the best quality Kratom that has strong curing benefits. Since alkaloids present in the veins add potency to the herb, different varieties will have different levels of strength and curing levels.

Geographical locations:

  These herbs mainly originate from the South Asian Countries like Thailand, Sumatra, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. They are usually coined with the names of the countries they originate from. As so many varieties of this herb is available, your favorite Kratom strainwill be the one which you will choose depending upon the need, requirements and usage. This herbal and therapeutic medicine comes in the form of thick and concentrated resins extracts, capsules, dried and dehydrated leaves, fine powder, coarsely ground mixture as well as a liquid tincture. This product is also found to be in the form of a highly enhanced powder containing highly concentrated levels of alkaloids. This enhanced product comes in as a saviour for many people with high levels of unbearable pain and some disorders.