Many people are curious about what will happen when they get admitted into a luxury alcohol rehab since it is their first experience. You don’t have to be afraid about getting bored while at the rehab because there are lots of interesting things that you can do to keep you entertained. You will meet all kinds of people while there and get to have conversation with renowned therapists. The following describes what happens when participating in a luxury rehab program.

  1. Diagnostic Evaluation

When you are just admitted into an alcohol rehab, you will first undergo a diagnostic evaluation. The diagnostic evaluation is carried out by the admission specialist who is also the same person that you talk to on the phone previously. During the diagnostic evaluation, the staff will ask you a few questions to collect the necessary information needed to create a suitable treatment plan. Your blood pressure and the temperature of your body will be taken. Every addict has different needs for example some have acute medical issues that need urgent medical attention. The initial diagnostic session will last for a number of hours. If there is something that you want to ask, you should just go ahead and ask the staff in the intake process. It is important that you be honest with the staff when asked to provide some information.

  1. Detoxification Stage

The next stage that you will undergo is alcohol detoxification which can last a minimum of 5 days. The detox stage can last longer up to 2 weeks for people with more serious alcohol addiction. Examples of withdrawal symptoms that are commonly experienced by alcoholics are anxiety, sweating and seizures. The detox process for every patient is unique and depends on factors like the qualities and length of your alcohol addiction. Professional doctors are available to provide assistance to the patients to help them cope with all kinds of withdrawal symptoms including emotional, and craving for alcohol.

  1. Private and Group Counseling

The best alcohol rehab provides both private and group counseling for patients. Group counseling involves the participant sitting in a circle on the couch and opening up about their drug addiction. In group counseling, participants can share ideas on how to live a sober life and they can encourage one another to lead a sober life. Some people find it hard to share their drug addictions with others in a group counseling because they probably don’t like people to know too much things about their past. They would prefer talking about their addiction problem to someone whom they can trust like a private counselor.

  1. Strict Schedule

Luxury alcohol rehab is just like the public rehab and you must follow a strict schedule. You are not going to spend the whole day attending sessions of the addiction recovery programs. You will get some time in between the sessions that you can do your own stuff. It is up to you to make use of this free time in any way you want such as doing your hobby, going outside to meet new people in the park at the rehab facility, performing recreational activities.

  1. Private Room

At a luxury rehab, you will be arranged to sleep a private room instead of sleeping in a dormitory style room. During treatment, you will be expected to put your total concentration on the recovery. You can personalize your sleeping area with some photos. You are only allowed to sleep at certain hours in the timetable. If you face some issues with your sleeping area, make sure you inform the staff so that the necessary arrangement can be made. This is important as you need to wake up fresh every day to carry out the routine you are expected to do at the drug rehab.


In conclusion, joining a luxury alcohol rehab allows you to get used to a discipline lifestyle that can help you to develop healthy habits that are necessary for overcoming the challenges faced in outside. After you completed the program, it will still take some time for you to completely break off the addiction. In case you need help, you can always give a phone call to the staff that you know.