Body naturally produces human growth hormone or HGH. But in some cases HGH deficiency can occur in the body. In this case usually doctors recommend growth hormone therapy. Human growth hormone is also used by bodybuilders and athletes since it is very effective in enhancing muscle development and growth. It is also used in weight loss programs. These days GH is being utilized in anti-aging therapies.


The expected results from using HGH always depends on the intension it is used. The natural growth hormone which is naturally produced in the body takes care of many processes and functions. But when it comes to HGH people usually relate it to stature and height.

In the body pituitary gland produces and releases GH. This is considered as one among the complex hormones available in the body. This is mainly secreted in adolescent growth spurts. Depending on the weight, sleep cycles, and activity levels there will be regulations in the hormone levels in the day time.


There are number of benefits by this growth hormone whether it is naturally produced or exogenous in nature. Some of them are

  • Growth hormone aids in strength and growth
  • It is very effective in healing processes
  • When it comes to tissue repair it plays a major role
  • It is very effective in increasing enzyme production
  • Growth hormone aids in strengthening the immunity on the body
  • It is very effective in protecting the body from damages like free radical damage
  • It aids in cellular replacement, repair, and rejuvenation
  • When human reaches the age of mid 30’s, there will be decline in the level of GH. After this there will be decrease in its level every year. IGF-1 or insulin like growth hormone and growth hormone are studies for many years and this information has revealed.

HGH and bodybuilding:

The results of GH always depend on the frequency of injections and the strength in milligrams used. It is usually injected under the skin or subcutaneously and sometimes intramuscularly. In majority of the cases the results are positive if it is used to treat deficiency.

Here are some of the factors of GH which bodybuilders should keep in mind.

  • It makes things grow like fibers, tissues, and cells. These are factors which are responsible for organ development and take major roles in entire organ system.
  • It is highly popular in bodybuilding because it aids in muscle development and growth
  • It can make muscle bigger but does not improve their function or it cannot make muscle strong
  • Since an individual can easily get abused to GH and other hormones like IGF-1 there are banned in sports organizations.
  • If the individual already has adequate amount of natural GH in the body, then he should avoid taking GH supplements. This is because in this condition it may lead to alarming and unexpected negative effects.

GH deficiency in the body can lead to more and more fat ratio over lean muscle mass. If GH is in adequate level, it will take of healthy weights both in men and women.