Imagine those times when it seems there is no safe place to park your car downtown. Then you begin to notice how big a car actually is that it becomes impossible to get a free parking space, which definitely makes you late for your appointments and errands. Well, it is now time to join the group of people that have closed the chapter on such problems by joining the increasing number of commuters the ride the ProGo propane scooter.

This could mean a win-win decision for you as you now can save some cash on fuel and eliminate the stress of searching for a car park or even trying to position your vehicle in little corners. Oh, let’s not forget you no longer have to spend hours sitting in traffic jams, which means you are benefitting in a lot of ways with this decision.

One of the fastest and easiest means of transportation in modern cities is the scooter, which is why the manufacture of such machines keeps increasing. However, which of the scooters are you sure would meet your expectations? It wouldn’t be wise to put cash on the very first one that comes your way. There are different types and different specifications to suit people of various personality and purpose. There are scooters enhanced with different fuel forms – we have the gas, electric and propane powered scooter. The ones powered by propane are more preferred because of the many advantages and the fact that they don’t harm the environment. The ProGo 3000 is one example of the advantageous propane powered scooters.

Reviewing the benefits of ProGo 3000 propane scooter

This seems to be the first of its kind and it sets the pace for similar models of scooters that run on propane gas. Just as a lot of commutershave asked what makes this model so popular in the market, we will take a look at some of its features and what it offers.

Talking about speed, this personal carrier can move at 20 mph and travel a distance more than 40 miles on a single canister of propane gas. How else would one define ‘economical’ when the ProGo scooter can see to it that one consumes as less fuel as possible. Any personal carrier that can achieve this without harming the environment should be termed the best, irrespective of the fuel type it runs on.

This particular model runs on propane and one replaceable canister of propane gas can run nonstop for up to 2 to 3 hours before you replace it. The scooter itself weighs about 35 lbs. but is designed to be able to carry up to 200 lbs. of the load.

Another economic consideration is the cost of buying this scooter. It costs between $300 to 400 to get this 25 cc 4-stroke engine scooter with disc brakes in addition to its easily replaceable 16.4 oz. propane gas container. Parking downtown is no longer a problem because of the compactness of this personal carrier, which also is foldable and can be carried indoor.