In a lot of countries, like the United States, the use of steroids without a prescription is illegal. This should come as a shock to no one. Using steroids has serious consequences. Even when people think they’re using just a small amount, over time it can build up with disastrous effects. Terms like heart failure, brain stroke, and liver damage are synonymous with steroid use. That is exactly why only patients with certain ailments can take them from doctors who prescribe it. It is too dangerous of a substance to use for merely cosmetic reasons. So, for a drug that you take in your body, how can you spot those abusing it? Obviously, they’ll look muscular, but there are physically big people who do it the natural way. There are certain warning signs a person sends when they’re revving up on the roids. If someone you care about is taking them, you’d want to put an end to it for their own good.

Signs on the Surface

The most common and obvious sign is a significant change in appearance. Someone who rapidly increases their muscle mass over a short period of time is most likely using steroids. People who do bodybuilding naturally will gain muscle but over a longer time frame. If you notice that this person has been working out just the same but has been gaining muscle unnaturally fast then that person is a likely candidate of steroid abuse. Other tell-tale signs include increased oil production. While acne is common amongst everyone, it’s especially aggravated with steroids abusers. Steroids send our oil glands into overdrive and as a result break outs and greasy hair are to be expected.

Private Battles

Beneath the surface steroids can still wreak havoc. Though you might not see it, those who abuse the substance end up shrinking their reproductive organs and decrease their sperm count. They will also experience more bouts of jaundice and dizziness. It’s something you won’t notice but the user will definitely feel.

Bad Behavior

Access to steroids is surprisingly easy. With the internet, you can almost get anything. They sell Anavar and also Stormbear 10 mg, which are both forms of steroids. So, if you notice someone who is normally level-headed and civil individual turn crazy and irrational then most likely they’re using this substance. People who can experience drastic mood swings under the influence, from happy and easy-going they’re suddenly bursting into fits of anger. Someone’s aggressiveness increases drastically with this substance so if you know someone taking it, don’t be surprised if they’re mad more often. Paranoia is another unfortunate side-effect from steroid abuse. These people seem like they’re always on the edge or they can’t trust anyone. If someone are experiencing sudden changes in their Behavior and at the same time getting more massive, it’s a good sign that they’re doing illegal steroid use. If you care about this person it’s best to set them straight. Too much of it can be lethal even to the strongest person.