Anavar (Oxandrolone) is one among the most well-known oral anabolic steroids and this is because of its well-tolerated performance. This anabolic-androgenic steroid causes its users seldom health problems. This medication is identified as a mild steroid and if you are a beginner, a woman or someone who is extremely sensitive to the side effects of anabolic steroids then this drug is picture-perfect for you. This anabolic steroid belongs to the category of the general compound oxandrolone and doesn’t have very high androgenic properties. The highly androgenic compounds cause numerous side effects to the users but these androgenic adverse effects are hardly experienced with this medication.

This medication helps in treating children having burn injuries to speed up their tissue repairing. Moreover, this drug is used for treating patients having hepatotoxicity problems that arise from substitute steroid usage. Many potent compounds put your liver under great strain particularly when they are utilized for an extended time and at higher dosages. Prior to your purchasing this steroid, you may wish to get aware of this medication’s impacts and possible outcomes. You will certainly find innumerable reviews of this medication on the internet related to weight loss and muscle building. According to this review, you will find enough good information regarding this anabolic steroid.

Additional good benefits

There are numerous users who find a good valid reason for taking this medication. Based on their reviews there are plenty of positive features in this medication that include:

  • Adds strength and power
  • Encourages an upsurge in your muscle mass
  • Increases your libido or sex drive
  • Strengthens aggression
  • Reduces the recovery period between your workouts
  • Raises metabolism and fat loss
  • Preserves muscle tissue
  • Increases cognitive functions and performs the job of a mood lifter

This is evident from numerous users’ testimonials that this medication is an overall good option for both the genders having various goals. If this drug is taken responsibly and with correct dosages then it is most unlikely that you will experience any adverse side effects.

Stacking this medication

Based on its good qualities, this medication is a well-known oral compound that can be stacked with other drugs. The benefits that you will get will be astonishing and that too without oestrogenic or androgenic side effects. Among the stacking injectable compounds, Primobolan and Trenbolone top the list. When you will stack it with Trenbolone you will get two non-aromatising compounds that are ideal for cutting cycles minus fluid retention. In this cycle, the highly androgenic characteristics of Trenbolone will create a defined and highly desirable sturdy appearance to your build.

The steroid Primobolan has similar qualities like this medication; both are non-aromatising and possess very little androgenic characteristics. Cycling these two compounds is highly admired by those who are highly sensitive to side effects. You must cycle them from 10-12 weeks for quality gains. You must use Anavar for the initial 8 weeks in the form of front-loader and then you can cease its usage. There are numerous real as well as unreal reviews that you would find from various sources. According to this review, this medication is not completely safe for children who are aged below 20 years.