What is a JURY?

A jury is a body of people under oath who is assembled to provide and deliver an impartial judgement as a single unit that is submitted to the court of Law to assist a judge decide his/her judgement. Nowadays, the jury present in the court determine the guilt or lack of evidence in a crime.

Jury Trial

A jury trial is a legal proceeding, in which the members of a jury decide upon the judgement or find related facts that are of relevance to the case. These findings and decisions impact the decision of the judge directly, but a jury trial is different from a bench trial in which the final decision resides with the panel of judges.

Jury Consultant

In very high-profile or high-stake jury trials, the decision of the judge is influenced by the jury consultants that is why lawyers are dependent on jury consultants if they need to possess an edge in the case. The work of a jury consultant is similar to that of psychologists and they are an expert on human behavior who provide their services to lawyers in selecting the jurors and provide a detailed study of their behavior. The service of Jury consultants are used in complex civil litigation cases as well as in criminal trials.


  • BAchelor’s degree in various fields of social science.
  • Psychology, Criminology, Behavioral science, political science and sociology.
  • For butter job opportunity, a joint degree in Law and Social Science is helpful.
  • The task of Jury consultant is to study human behaviour, not provide legal expertise.

Job Responsibilities:

Even before the trials starts the work of Jury consultants does. They have to study and research about the Jurors, their background, create Their profile and assist the lawyer in selecting the jurors. They also develop the questions the lawyer need to ask the jury and conduct mock trials and focus group to help the lawyer get aware of the Jury. Jury consultants draft report on the statistical analysis and demographical data that the lawyer might need to influence the Jury in his client’s favor.

During Trial:

Jury consultant responsibility includes planning and developing the trial strategies to shape the perception of the jury so as to turn the tide in the favor of their client. They coach the lawyer and witness after deep study of the body language of the members of the jury. They also assist the lawyer weave a compelling story to persuade the jury by analysing their behaviour and their past.

Required Skills:

Jury consultants should possess the skill to be aware and get an insight into human behavior, decision-making and motivation.

Other skill required include:

  • Exceptional communication and writing skills.
  • Should possess interpersonal and excellent presentation skills.
  • Their job revolves around research, so exceptional data analysis skills along with proficiency with software required and also have knowledge of social science research methodology.
  • They should be able to convince and train the witness and client for a favourable outcome in the case and help the lawyer land lucrative clients.


Jury consultant salary varies according to their experience, degree and capabilities.A Ph.D. earn around $0.5 mil PA while for a fresher is around $40,000 PA. Most of the Jury consultants earn around $0.1-0.2mil P.A. According to a study, Around $60,000 are spent on a mock jury trial while one with a sophisticated trial with electronic presentation costs $125,000.

Thus it is a lucrative career to choose as they are employed by consultancy firms, and the number of people working are dependent on the size of the firm.

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