You may have heard of animals that give people emotional support misbehaving at times but not usually the other way round since humans are quite good at manipulating the truth. They not only abuse the laws but also the animals that they are able to take home. That totally defeats the purpose of bringing those fuzzy babies home and that is where the law steps in.

The spirit of justice

The main idea behind the emotional support dog laws is to protect canines that do not have a voice of their own but yet support their owners emotionally. No matter why you got the animal inside your house – whether to heal emotionally or to simply get some support and a good friend, you have absolutely no right to take liberties on them just because you own them now. As they say, you never own the earth but it is always the other way round. Also, there are certain laws such as the Fair Housing Act that asks you not to have pets in residential areas, where they do not allow pets. Again, there are laws that nullify this act and also generous laws such as The Air Carrier Access Act, which allows you to take your pet along with you by air at absolutely no extra cost to you. So, there are two sides to these laws.

Be true to yourself

When you break the laws, you are neither being true to the animal you are considering bringing home nor to yourself. The reason behind this is that the insurance company of your landlord could launch an investigation of their own to find out whether your disability claims were indeed true in case the animal ends up hurting your neighbor or someone else in the building. At the end of the day, it will all boomerang right back at you. If you are not really disabled but have abused the Americans With Disabilities Act, your rights will be disabled for life by the law – literally! In other words, you won’t be easily able to move out of the four corners of the jail, which is not at all fun. Besides, you don’t want to lose everything you worked so hard for.

Heal yourself

Now, isn’t that what you originally brought home that animal for? Respect the emotional support dog laws because you wished for the gift of an animal that would support you all through the way and you got it but never even possibly thought once that you might be hurting it knowingly or unknowingly. As they say, you should never look the gift horse in the mouth and remember not to abuse it since you have more chances of losing it then. Treat your furry partner right! Show him or her some respect and make sure you put food on the table for him or her to eat every day. Also, don’t forget to keep the surroundings clean so that even you can live together happily ever after. Now, that’s not really the end of the story. It is just a beautiful beginning.