Time seems to be not quite right for Our very own Punjabi boy Yuvraj singh on the field but the recent dirty claims by his ex bhabhi Akanksha Sharma on him and his family for Domestic violence, puts him into a battling situation .Akanksha Sharma,ex big boss contestant and former wife of Yuvi’s younger brother Zoravar has said that the family was involved in harassing her mentally and she was being “Pushed” and “slapped” also in the process. Though this seems like fake allegations as the same Akanksha was earlier enjoying the entire name and fame she was getting for being the sister in law to the national hero Yuvraj Singh. Therefore her sudden change of reactions makes everyone feels doubtful about her intentions.

Moreover, Akanksha’s Mother in law Shabnam singh also filed a case for recovery of all the precious jewellery she gifted to her ex Daughter in law. This certainly seems valid as while akanksha is not her daughter in law anymore so she has all the rights to claim back the gifts she gave her in the process. On the other hand, akanksha seems like doing “Just anything” to garner publicity which could land him some Movie projects or any reality shows.

The case is set to be heared on oct 21 in Gurugram court and we will keep you up to date as the story unfolds further.