One of the age old sports that we know is martial arts. Since time immemorial, this form of art has evolved manifold and people have been keen towards this. However, only a few could excel in this art and Justin Nauling is one of them. This man has grown with the art of martial art and has excelled it in every way. Since childhood he had grown knack towards martial art and went on to make it as his career. However, it was not a cake walk for him but a series of struggled as well. But, through hard work and sheer determination, he could reach to the top and taste success in its real form.

Justin Nauling has been a specialist in mixed martial art form. He spent his entire childhood in the US and started his career in the United States Military. It was during his early phase of professional life. However, he has always been keen towards other aspects of life and involved in various endeavors that comprising of education, personal as well as professional sides. He always had the aim of attaining the best in whatever he does. He has always strived for achieving the highest level in each of the pursuits he takes up.

MM Arts

During his tenure on the US military, he acquired many more skills to enhance his knowledge and area of expertise. He went on to become a trained Designated Marksman in numerous areas. Justin Nauling  is also a trained Marines water survival and marksmanship. However, soon his childhood passion came in front of him and it was during the training for Martial arts in the Marine Corps that his interest for Mixed Martial Arts developed and worked as a catalyst. It was just because of his hard work that in 2002, Justin Nauling got the prestige of becoming a Black Belt instructor. He got this honor in Marine Corps Martial Art Program.  There on he started training people in two forms – Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai kickboxing. He mastered so much so in these forms that soon he became of the best in the business.

He has been extremely active towards the competitive MMA circuit since 2002 and continued till 2004. Within this span, he grabbed five wins. Justin Nauling has always been humble enough to talk about his two losses as well. All these events took place at the Rage in Cage events. Few of his further notable achievements are victories he could establish as MMA fighter. He could successfully defeat Gave Rivas in arm-bar submission in the first round itself. He won against Ray “Magical” Elbe and he could do it in two rounds. Further adding to his cap is his victory over Allen Branson. This happened via unanimous decision at the RITC 53. Justin Nauling has been practicing mixed martial arts till date has been constantly enhancing his skills on it. He has been focusing mainly on the techniques relating to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the Muay Thai kickboxing.

He has been extremely active through the CrossFit training, running and beach volleyball. In short, Nauling has been an inspiration for all the sports lover and especially mixed Martial Arts.