Technology is continuously evolving and it is changing the way that we watch television. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular wants when it comes to new TV technology features.

Hand Gestures

One common feature that is often on television viewers’ wish lists is the ability to change channels without the need for a remote control. This is perfectly understandable, after all how many times have you misplaced the remote control? One of the ways that many viewers dream of controlling their television is by using hand gestures. A large number of people like the idea of being able to swish their hand to flick channels. The good news is that Samsung are already introducing hand gesture technology with their SmartTV models, so it could become more widespread in the near future and TV remotes might end up being a thing of the past.

3D Without Glasses

One of the reasons that 3D television has not been particularly successful in the home is that no-one really wants to sit and wear those dorky 3D glasses! It is also prohibitive to group viewing since every viewer needs their own set, so if you have more than just the family round for movie night of for the big game, then you won’t have enough glasses to go around. The one thing that viewers feel would redeem 3D television is if it was available without the glasses! Like hand gesture technology, there have already been forays into this technology. However, critics say that the initial attempts at 3D without glasses have yielded poor picture quality.

Mobile Viewing

One of the most in demand features for the next generation of television viewers is going to be the ability to watch television from our mobile devices. This is already becoming a reality thanks to streaming technology and apps that allow TV subscribers to access their TV shows on the go. However, in coming years viewers will expect this to be a standard part of any TV subscription package. Even now, mobile viewing is something that viewers look for when choosing a TV provider. Take a look at this site for bundles in New Mexico for an example of what some of the latest TV and internet packages are offering consumers.

Voice Recognition

The one feature that consistently tops polls of the most desirable TV features is voice recognition. Again, this is all about replacing the remote control. Users would like to be able to change channels and control the volume using only voice commands. This takes things a step further than hand gestures as viewers would not even have to move! It is ironic that viewers are most interested in this technology considering the level of controversy that is currently being levelled at Samsung for claims that their SmartTVs are using voice recognition to ‘listen’ to consumers thus breaching their privacy. However, if it was implemented in a secure fashion then voice controls would be very popular with most consumers.

Above all else, what TV viewers are demanding from the latest technology is more control and more flexibility. It is an exciting time in the industry and viewing habits are changing as new features are developed.