CDN is a type of network which provides a full service of image caching, video streaming etc and other downloads. The CDN network work to reduce the distance between the website server and the visitors. A CDN supplies a cache report of its content in multiple physical locations. They can improve your page speed and protects your website in different manner. Some of the website host wants cheapest CDN for video streaming to give a good quality of streaming.  In ordered to give customers best CDN network all around the world some corporations are working to distribute the global network to their visitors.

CDN is now become a need of every growing as well on-growing online business or website. This is because it helps the owner of the website to provide their user quality content at a quality speed. This network distributes the server to all over the world and server is placed very strategically. Each server contains a text, image, files etc. so whenever any user visit your website they connected with a nearest server and get the content at high speed.

CDN can also do a job of SEO this is because it delivers the content fast so that it might be a possibility that other users can get attracted towards your website. Search engine can automatically improve your website ranking over the results because they read the quick websites easily.

It provides a very strong security as it automatically block all the harmful contents such as spammers, viruses, DDos etc.

What is video streaming server?

The video streaming servers runs the video content all over the internet user such as Smartphone, computer and other devices. The word streaming means the process of broadcasting the video with the server in a continuous situation of delivering. Today video streaming plays an important role in entertainment with sudden increase devices using. The customers want to entertain on any device on their own program, either the customer watches movie and television program etc.

Analytics and security

They provide their every customer guaranteed to their contents and   applications are totally protected from content stealing and other kind of illegal content use to every of the customers of CDN network success and failures’ CDN network provides full support of encrypted and authenticated HTTPS signal, wild cared host name  as live streaming is a real time of specialty. There are much interrupted services are available in website to increase the traffic and rank. The  web host work for the website to get lead in traffic and can give and extra security to content with some feature of CDN network as this type of network so beneficial for websites as they plays an important role  in websites.