When we say web positioning, we are also talking about the positioning in the search engines or SEO, all of these terms refer specifically to the different techniques that are used to make web pages appear as first options in the search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!. Etc. One of the tools used to create a content site that generates a positioning of the web pages on the internet, is the use of keywords which appear in each of the articles that make up these contents.

There are two types of positioning web: is the organic positioning and the natural positioning.

When we talk about organic positioning we say: here are only used optimization techniques, thanks to the good use of keywords and the different steps of the web page, without having to pay for it. When we say “no pay” we mean just you have to pay for the campaigns of “pay per click“, because the optimization of the site itself, is something that has a specified cost.

It is important to mention that this technique of organic positioning only works “for now” in the places developed with text and not in those sites under flash or images, this happens because the search engines are not designed to read information within these files.

However, when we refer to the natural web positioning we are talking about: this has to do more than anything, with the contents of the web site where we find what they are:

  1. Homepage.
  2. Titles.
  3. Goals.
  4. Links to the same web page. Etc.

We can also find, try to identify the keywords used in the website and to give them a use that really benefits the content itself. In our digital marketing agency, we are 100% familiar with these and many other techniques, which we offer to all our customers who are interested in redesigning your online marketing.

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The creation of SEO, having a good web design, use key words both in the headers of the texts and in the content of the articles is something will help them in great way to obtain one of the first places of the search engines.