The world of television is changing constantly. Today, bigger, better and newels screens are available for a novel experience. Plus, there are even apps made specifically for television sets to offer you a new world of television.

If you are fan of big screens with thinner profiles, OLED TV screens is your go-to technology today. They have a slimmer and much sleeker profile than the LCDs and Plasmas. Dubbed as the next big thing in TV screens, OLED is the latest display panel technology in the television world.

What is OLED TV

OLED shortened for organic light-emitting diode is another development in television display technology. OLEDs, unlike LCDs and Plasmas create their own light. Whereas both, LCD and Plasma requires external lights like the backlight and natural light respectively, OLED produces its own light when a current is passed through.

Mentioned below are some of the benefits that OLEDs have to offer.

  • Comes with a thinner profile

While Plasmas and LCDs gained popularity over tube televisions because of their thin shape and sleek look, OLEDs come with a thinner screen, which in turn makes it lighter. This super thin profile in OLEDs is made possible because they don’t require any backlight technology like LCD and LED to emit brightness.

  • Displays a better picture quality

Everything is better with OLED screens. The color contrast, color blend, brightness and resolution of the image are perfect when viewed in OLED screens. You can get Direct TV packages and deals to enjoy the content in OLED screen and see the difference.

  • Consume less power

OLEDs require little power in order to work. Thus it is much more energy efficient and ecofriendly compared to LCD.

  • Offers a faster response rate

This quality is especially appreciated by hardcore gamers. Since the response rate is much faster than Plasma and LCD, you will not suffer through motion lag with OLED screens. With a response time of 0.01 second, fast motion scenes during a match or a movie are going to be entirely blur-free.

  • Provides a much wider viewing angle

As mentioned earlier, OLED screens produce their own light and don’t require blocking it as per LCD screens. This allows OLED to have each of its pixel lighting up independently. The viewing angle can be stretched up to 180 degrees according to some manufacturers.

All of these benefits of OLED have revolutionized the display technology. Even though OLEDs are currently very expensive because of the costly manufacturing process, they hold promises to provide the best viewing experience viewers can imagine.

Which OLED TVs are available

Originally, OLED televisions were first introduced in the market in 2012 by LG and Samsung. Nonetheless, OLED has still not reached the mainstream audience because of it being incredibly expensive.

Here are some of the OLED TVs available on the market.

  • LG 55EA9800

This OLED television by LG comes with a curved screen of 55 inch and weighs 38 pounds. Though the display resolution is only 1080 pixels, OLED screen more than makes up for the lower resolution. It features almost all of LG’s top tier features including 3D cinema technology and Smart TV function.

  • Samsung KN55F9500

This is Samsung’s one of the first OLED TV models. Screen size is again 55 inches. It features Smart TV and 3D technology.

  • Panasonic TX-65CZ952B

Panasonic’s TX-65CZ952B is an OLED TV which has 4K resolution. It has a curved shape and the screen size is of 65 inches. Picture quality is incredibly excellent. However it is extremely expensive.

These are only some of the OLED TVs mentioned. Now many more manufacturers are working on its production. Even though they are not very affordable currently, prices are likely to go down eventually as manufacturers figure out a cost-effective production method. For now, you should know that OLED TVs provide a viewing experience that is worth the price tag.