With more than 160 active volcanoes, matchless number of great beaches and amazing culture, Indonesia demands to be viewed, explored and enjoyed. For those who visit Southeast Asia, this country of islands is like a point of relaxation and fun, with enormous shopping options and plenty of spa and wellness centers for indulging. If you are a first time visitor and are looking for your voyage organisé or tour for covering the maximum attractions, these essential tips should be handy.

Understand the country

Indonesia has been a hub of many destinations clubbed together, so from the exotic beauty of Bali beaches to the Komodo Island, the options are many. Jakarta is the busy capital and has plenty of options for backpackers and budget travelers. For traveling for long distances, flights are a must, while the boats in this island nation are equally good and offer good cabins, food and facilities for the travelers. The local people are warm, and give the fact that tourism is one of the main contributors to the economy, tourists are well treated.


Traveling on a budget

Indonesia has some of the best five star properties for those who like to splurge, but the good thing is the equal or more number of budget choices. Contact a genuine and known travel agent, and you can get a customized tour within budget. Flights, as always, are cheaper when you are booking at least a couple of months in advance. Once you are here, depending on your itinerary, a car rental can be a good idea. Car hiring is cheaper in Indonesia as compared to many nations, although it only works within islands. Food here is cheaper, and rice happens to be the staple grain. Most of the street vendors have noodles and rice varieties, and if you want to indulge, check Javanese cuisine at the fine dine options.

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What to do?

Shopping can be a singular experience in Indonesia. Plenty of tourists spend a good amount hopping on the streets of the big cities and Jakarta, where branded clothes are available at throwaway prices. You will find cheaper clothes here than most other places. Scuba diving is also another experience worth the time and money, and you can even learn it at Bali. Among the other activities, surfing is popular at Mentawai Islands, for which you need to charter a boat. Some people end up spending weeks with the fun. Just like Thailand, Indonesia is also high on Spa treatments and wellness centers, which is considered a good way to relax. Even some of the budget wellness centers are worth the experience, so consider paying a visit.


With some planning and great travel options matched in a trip, Indonesia definitely deserves your time. Make a point to check all the options and contact your travel agent to include all possible experiences within a single trip. Two weeks or less should be enough to cover some of the popular spots, depending on the area of interests and budget.