What do you think about Indonesia? Is Indonesia just a country? Or is Indonesia just only a name of country? No. Indonesia is more than just a country. Indonesia is one of the richest country in the world. Why? Indonesia is rich in many things, such as culture, language, and also holiday spot. For holiday spot, Indonesia is very rich. Indonesia is very famous throughout the world with some places, such as Kuta, Monas, Raja Ampat, and also Jayawijaya. However, there is a paradise in Indonesia that is forgotten in the eye of the world. That is Wakatobi. The paradise placed in South East Sulawesi is one of the best paradise that is not exposed in public. What is actually in Wakatobi? How good is that place?

We can not deny that Wakatobi is not as famous as other place such as Maldives, Bora-Bora Island, even Bunaken. However, Wakatobi has something awesome and wonderful potention that is very very expensive for other people to see. They have beauty. Actually this place is located in South East Sulawesi. It is consisted by many islands. Wakatobi National Park is the place where everything is hidden from the world. That beauty is kept in this place. Wakatobi National Park is surrounded by four main islands. Those are Wangi-Wangi island, Kaledupa island, Tomia island and Binongko island. Not only by those main islands, Wakatobi National Park is also surrounded by many small islands, such as Tokobao island, Hoga island, Notrh and South Lintea island and also Tolandono island. Then, how good is this place, so people can give their everything in order to visit this paradise?

  1. Natural sea view

This is very special from Wakatobi. Exploring underwater beauty of Wakatobi Marine National Park is very special because the water is very beautiful. The water is very clear and also clean. You can even see the barrier reef and the fish from the ship because the water is very clean and clear. However, that is not the only reason why Wkatobi is special.

  1. The school of fish

Fish. This is one of the main goal when we decide to visit underwater park. We want to see fish. Well, Wakatobi will answer that need with their own way. They are called as the third largest marine park in Indonesia. with the highest number of fish species.

  1. Beautiful barrier reef

This is the last thing why Wakatobi is special. Exploring underwater beauty of Wakatobi islands is not complete is you have not seen the barrier reef.

Exploring underwater beauty of Wakatobi is one of the most expensive experiences that you can get. With the extraordinary view offered in Wakatobi, you can get many special and awesome moment. That will be more special if the visit you do to Wakatobi, you do it with your lovely person. It can be your family, your friends, or your lover. You can make some great memory there. So, do not forget to go there and spend your time with someone you love in the lovely place to visit, Wakatobi.