Holidays are approaching and you must be planning to go out for a vacation with your friends or family. You can travel across the globe to know the culture and lifestyle of other countries and places. This time, Dubai can be a good option for you to travel and spend your vacation.

Dubai is one of the most dynamic cosmopolitan and visually stunning cities. It has gone a long way from simple fishing and commerce village to a metropolitan city. Dubai is the city that is holder of myriad titles of world, world’s 7- star hotel, world’s largest dancing fountain, and the largest indoor Gold Souk.

If you are looking for a delectable wine retreat experience, then Dinner Cruise is all that you need. Cruising down Dubai creek is an experience which you can’t afford to miss. Imagine yourself having a dinner at Dhow Cruise with music and alluring lights with Tanura Dance show, BBQ buffet dinner and an imbibe of your favorite drink.

Reasons to Go for Dinner Cruise

  • Rich Delicious Food and Wine

If you are a food lover and have affinity for delicious wine, Dinner Cruise is an option that offers you more. It provides the best vintages with the most appetizing food plate and exciting azure surroundings. You can plan a birthday Dubai for your beloved wife this vacation.

Moreover, if you enjoy wine intercourse, then this is a must go for you. Wine experts from renowned wineries are available on the docks who brief you about all details related to wine from history of wine production to interesting process of wine making.

  • The Cardinal Lights

Warm candle lights and crimson linens enhance your dining and wining experience. The vessel gets comfy and you can experience a gastronomic trip with a navigational twist. Moreover, you can’t overlook the dynamic evening views of coast which will not wimp you during cozy hours.

  • Great Value

Cruises are a great packing, offering everything that makes a tour complete entertaining tour- spacious accommodation, evening and daytime entertainment, delicious food, tasting the most delightful soft drinks and alcoholic beverages and travelling between interesting destinations.

  • No Chaos

A person unpacks only once on a cruise. Your soaring hotel will take you for fascinating islands and cities. Moreover some hotels even offer stay at your selected itinerary.

  • A Perfect Outing for a Family

Cruising is suitable for everyone; from teens to tots; from grandkids to grandparents. Simply, it is perfect for people belonging to different age groups.

  • Cruise Ships are Cosmically Personalized

There are some cruises that offer every type of entertainment from upscale ambience and outdoor movie theaters to onboard rock-climbing.; thus choices for every age group.

  • Luxury and Leisure

You will experience the shift of a well dressed room to a deluxe suite to a peaceful resting place i.e. everything that satisfies your pleasure buds and leisure.

  • And Much More..

A visit to cruise provides you a chance to board your “wildest dream”. When you aboard the sailboat for an exclusive dinner cruise exposure, you will be more than happy to witness a valor at its best.


Everyone is fed up with his/her daily work schedule and wants something interesting that can be tried at least in a year. Dinner cruise provides you all such experience that helps you in spending a relaxing holiday.

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