Apart from its cultural heritage, heart-warming ambience, and palatable food, the City of Joy, Kolkata, is famous for quite a few other things! The sun-kissed beaches and beautiful beach resorts add to its beauty and make it one of the top getaways for tourists. Every year, innumerable tourists and travellers plan exciting trips to the stunning beaches of Kolkata. Whether it’s a family tour or you just want to let your hair down on a solo trip, Kolkata beaches can be the perfect option.

Here’s a list of the most popular sea beaches for enthusiastic tourists and sea lovers!

  • Mandarmoni

Those planning to enjoy the sea breeze, amidst the calmness and serenity, must pay a visit to Mandarmoni. Quite unlike some of the crowded places in Kolkata, this particular resort village offers calm ambience. The beach in Mandarmoni is stunning, clean, and not heavily crowded. Travellers can engage in fun activities like the banana boat ride, ATV rides, and jet skiing.

  • Digha

If you are true Bong, or have been living in Kolkata for generations, Digha must be your second home! It’s tough to find a person who hasn’t visited this beautiful place. Digha is one of the most popular, romantic, and splendid getaway for tourists. Located at 183 km from Kolkata, Digha happens to be the perfect destination for family vacations, romantic getaways, and fun trips. You can either visit Old Digha or New Digha, or both. While the former happens to be congested, the latter is clean and well-maintained!

  • Tajpur

The Tajpur beach is a narrow stretch of land lying in between Shankarpur and Mandarmoni. The roaring sea waves, tranquil atmosphere, and intoxicating ambience of the place makes it the best spot for romantic getaways. Tajpur has a never-seen-before spark and inexplicable beauty. You will love every moment of your stay in the place; the resorts here are beautiful and comfortable. Just don’t drive and walk along the sandy path!

  • Chandipur

Chandipur is in Orissa, but it isn’t quite tough to visit the place. You can take buses from the city that ply regularly. Tourists coming from other parts of the country need to reach Kolkata first. They can check out the Delhi to KHYPERLINK “https://www.cleartrip.com/flight-schedule/new-delhi-kolkata-flights.html”olkata flights, or flights from other regions of the country, to fly down to this place. Chandipur is famous for its high tide-and-low tide. Quite naturally, tourists get the perfect opportunity to enjoy the beach!

  • Bakkhali

Don’t worry about the accessibility, as the Hatania-Doania barge has added to the beauty, accessibility, and popularity of the place. Bakkhali is one of the most beautiful destinations near the sea. The place bears the relics of Old Calcutta and gives endless opportunities to bikers. You can also drive on the beach!

  • Shankarpur

If breath-taking locales and a picturesque sea are enough to enthral you, Shankarpur will emerge as the perfect place. The place offers spectacular photographic moments and helps you enjoy to the fullest.

What’s your plan?

Since now you know all about these splendid beach destinations, it’s high time to make a choice. Get in touch with the leading airlines, book the cheapest flights to Kolkata, and avail a hotel room at any of these destinations. Truly, the visit will be an unforgettable one.